Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying Gin

Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying Gin


Are you just getting introduced to the rousing world of gin? Have you heard about it all over the place and never gotten a chance to try or learn more about it? Then this is the correct blog for you! Below we put together a swift run-through on the history of gin along with a couple of ways of enjoying it. This beginner’s guide to enjoying gin will help you appreciate gin from its modest beginnings to its distinguished applications in cocktails. 


The History of Gin


You probably have seen gin on shelves of a liquor store or bar; however, do you really know what it is? Simply put, gin is an alcoholic beverage with a juniper flavor that is usually made with a variety of plants, herbs, and berries—although that’s not the case for all gins. It typically has a faint licorice flavor with undertones of citruses as well. Gin is a popular drink in England, which makes people think that it originated there. However, it actually came from the Netherlands and was brought to England by William of Orange. Although gin never really went out of fashion, it dipped a bit in popularity until it was brought back up with the use of cocktails in recent decades. There are innumerable variations of gin out there, making it a popular drink for a great majority of the market today.


The Process of Making Gin


The distillation process of gin is really similar to that of other types of alcohol. However, in the distillation process, the juniper and other plant products are added to the drink to infuse it with individual tastes and aromas. Gin can also be made by cold compounding, which is when the botanical flavors are added to an existing unflavored spirit. A gin that is labeled “gin” can be either of these processes. However, if the gin is labeled “distilled gin,” then it’s not cold compounded.


Gin and Tonic drink served with ice, lemon zest and fresh rosemary.


How to Enjoy Gin


Now that you have the basic knowledge of gin, you can now learn a couple of different ways to enjoy it. There are a few basic ways you can appreciate gin, especially at the beginner's level. You could find one of these methods to be very palatable, so give them a try:


  • Neat - Things don’t always have to get complicated when it comes to gin, especially if you’re a purist. To drink neat gin means to have it without any additional preparation. This means no chilling, no ice, and no mix. If it’s too strong for you, you could always enjoy it with some ice. Take into account that a great majority of gin in the market is meant to be enjoyed without adding anything to it.
  • Gin & Tonic - This method is a popular choice with gin aficionados. This is basically gin served with chilled tonic. It’s a good idea to choose a high-quality tonic that will complement the flavors present in your gin. People also like to combine gin with the flavored soda of their choice. For people that like the raw flavors of gin, mineral water is a great choice. For those that like adding a little sweetness to their drinks, soda is a great complement.
  • In a Cocktail - There are incalculable cocktail options that are loved by gin veterans and newcomers alike. In fact, a great choice for a first-time gin cocktail would be a Martini. A true, traditional martini has gin, vermouth, and olive juice. Garnished with a few olives, it’s one of the most popular, upscale cocktails around. There are many different varieties of gin cocktails that can easily align with many different palettes, so take the time to explore them!


Whether you end up enjoying gin or not, it’s always great to explore the many different types of alcohol known worldwide. After all, you never know if gin will be your next top-favorite beverage! We hope this beginner’s guide to drinking gin helped you get an understanding of gin and the different ways you can enjoy it. To order gin click here to order it online today! You can also email us at