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How to Choose the Best Wine for a Big Event

How to Choose the Best Wine for a Big Event


Have you ever looked around in a wine store or stayed staring at a menu, confused about the many different types of wines out there? Unless you’re a big wine enthusiast, chances are you don’t know much about the different types of wines available and what their labels and terminology mean. When you need to select the perfect wine for your upcoming event, it’s never a good idea to choose without some fundamental knowledge of wine. It’s a great idea to acquaint yourself with all of the options. This blog will go over the major types of wines and how to choose the perfect one for a big event.


How to Choose the Best Wine for a Big Event


When it comes to making the big decision of choosing the best wine for an event, you first have to take a few factors into consideration. Evaluate factors such as the type of event you’re holding, the people that will be attending, and the impression you want to portray. Having an idea of what you’re aiming for along with knowledge on all the major types of wine out there will make choosing the best wine for your event child’s play. But before that, you first have to know all of the major types of wine in the market:


Sauvignon Blanc


Sauvignon Blanc is a light variation of white wine that has a slightly grassy taste. This wine tends to have a pear and green apple taste with a bit of a smokey note here and there. This wine originated in France; however, other places such as New Zealand are becoming known for their great take on Sauvignon Blanc. If you want a light, pleasant wine for your event, this option is a great possibility.




This white wine is a go-to option for wine accompanied with light meals such as fish and seafood. This wine is known for its full, rich body and dry taste. It has a slight creaminess to it, accompanied by a citrus tone with a buttery taste. If you’re planning on serving people light meals at the event, this wine is a great option.




Riesling is the lightest and sweetest white wine on the market, although there are also dry Rieslings available as well. This wine originated from Germany, but there are several types also produced in the United States. This wine tends to have an apple flavor with a crisp overall taste. This is an excellent option if you’re aiming for a sweet, enjoyable wine.


White wine being poured into a glass (Riesling) 


Pinot Noir


Many wine aficionados consider Pinot Noir to be the apex or red wines. This wine comes from France and is known to be relatively difficult to grow and produce correctly. This wine habitually tastes like strawberry and plum with hints of earth and leather along with some delicate undertones. The flavor of this wine changes drastically depending on where it's from. For example, Pinot Noir from Austria, New Zealand, and eastern parts of the United States can have really different flavors.


Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon is a big-time popular choice of wine for many people. California is known to be the place that makes some of the best varieties of this wine currently on the market. This wine has a full flavor with an almost spicey undertone. It has been said to taste like currant and bell peppers in some instances. Many versions have a vanilla taste here and there. This wine is most commonly aged in French oak with dark fruit flavors combined with spices and earthy aromas. If you’re looking for a classical wine to serve at a big event, this popular wine is a great idea.


Poring red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon)




Merlot is a great wine for people who are new to wine as it has a smooth, simple flavor. This type of wine is great for sipping along with almost any type of meal. This wine tends to taste like black cherry and can have some hints of dark flavors such as chocolate or plum. This is an excellent choice for events where there will be a great variation on food or where wine preferences may not all be in agreement. 


Whether you want something simple that will likely fit with most people's taste, or want to serve people something unique and sophisticated, having some basic knowledge on the major types of wines known will make it easier for you to choose the best wine for a big event. We hope this blog helped give you some knowledge on the major types of wines around. To order the perfect wine for your event click here. You can also email us at

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