Veuve Clicquot Demi Sec

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About this item

  • Founded in 1772 and named after Madame Clicquot, Veuve Clicquot lives by one motto only one quality, the finest
  • With a refined balance of sweetness and fruity flavours, Veuve Clicquot demi-sec stands out for its delightful freshness and is perfectly suited to accompany fruits desserts
  • ON THE EYES: A fine, even effervescence greets the eye, the wine being a beautiful yellow with deep golden highlights
  • ON THE NOSE: It is rich in the scents of ripe fruit (candied fruits, berry liquor), with hints of toasts and toasties
  • ON THE PALATE: In the mouth, the wine displays both roundness and mellowness, combined with a delightful freshness due to its gentle acidity. The aromas of ripe fruit are very noticeable

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