Tomatin Dualchas Leegacy Scotch - 750ml

Tomatin Dualchas Leegacy Scotch - 750ml - Liquor Bar Delivery

Tomatin Dualchas Leegacy Scotch - 750ml

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When Tomatin Distillery was established in 1897, the isolated and idyllic setting of  Tomatin was almost perfect. However there wasn’t a local workforce; the local inhabitants were scattered shepherds and cattle drovers. The company began a project of construction to accommodate its workforce. Since that time the distillery has been at the heart of the community and the community at the heart of the distillery. This legacy has continued and Tomatin remains one of the few distilleries to provide a home for its dedicated craftsmen.

Time in Bourbon barrels and Virgin Oak casks brings a light sweetness to The Tomatin Legacy, which boasts aromas of vanilla, marshmallow, pineapple and lemon. On the palate gentle flavours of candy, pine, lemon sherbet, apples and sponge cake emerge ahead of a light, clean finish.

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