Tears Of Llorona Extra Anejo - 750ml


Tears of Llorona is an extra añejo tequila, released in 2014. It begins as 100% blue agaves from high volcanic slopes in Jalisco, where growth is slow. Tequilero Germán Gonzalez selects the agaves and has them harvested late, increasing their starch and sugars. The pinas are roasted slowly in the traditional way. His yeast is proprietary and fermentation is slow. Distillation is by pot still and barrelling is at very high specific gravity. Three barrels are used in parallel, resulting in a very high rate of osmotic loss - the “angel's tears” that are one reason for the name, Tears of Llorona. Germán bottles at 43% specific gravity to balance the flavors. We think you’ll agree that the result is incomparable.

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