Remy Martin Carte Blanche - 750ml

When given carte blanche for this exclusive collection, Baptiste Loiseau scoured the House’s incredible legacy, at the end selecting a single vat to be the ambassador of the Rémy Martin style. For this second edition of Carte Blanche, Baptiste wanted to illustrate the unique character of Rémy Martin with an original blend. He carefully selected this Cognac Fine Champagne from the vast and varied collection housed in the Merpins Cellars. Matured in a single vat, it perfectly embodies the spirit of the house. For cognac lovers, each of the 9650 bottles represents an exceptional opportunity to sample this blend. It is aged at least 27 years and bottled at the percentage proof naturally occurring in the vat to preserve its original attributes: 44.1%. A profound yet smooth cognac, expressing remarkable nuances with delicate notes of plum and gingerbread.

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