Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Cask Strength

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Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Cask Strength

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The nose is fairly sweet. It starts with notes of candied orange (almost like an orange marmalade), and transitions into a cherry syrup. Corn is very noticeable, but not in a way that typically denotes a young bourbon. There is a certain musty funk to it, likely from the older-aged barrels. It is a pretty nice, thick nose.


The palate is medium-thick. The very first thing that I pick up is corn. Sweet corn is present all throughout the palate. Next up are notes of orange marmalade, that stick to the mid-palate pretty well. This then transitions to that nice cherry syrup flavor on the back palate. There are some darker, almost grape-like flavors on the front of the palate that disappear after the whiskey is swallowed. This is a very nice palate for a lower-proof bourbon!


The finish is medium, and begins with orange marmalade notes on the mid palate. These transition to oak spice and bread notes, that eventually coat the entire palate, including the roof of the mouth. The finish is much longer than I was expecting, and is fairly viscous.

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