Perrier-Jouët Blason Rose


Perrier-Jouet blason Rose is wrapped in a luminous pink mantle with slightly orange reflections. Its fine gleams, vivid and persistent, give it an intense freshness.

In nose, aromas of pomegranates, pears, apricots, sanguines oranges, the fragrances of ripe red fruits... A juicy and generous combination that gives way to notes of biscuit, butter and pastries. Persistence of the delicate character of the white flowers. Blason Rosé is an intense and balanced champagne.

Black currant, pear, apricot and plum sprouts in the initial sensations, followed by aromas of blackcurrant and sanguines oranges that give way to notes of black currant cream, raspberry, honeysuckle and roses. The culmination comes with lime, blackberries and cherries.

Acid and strong in the attack, Blason Rosé is a graceful and complex wine. Rich and long in the mouth.

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