Leadslingers 10 Year Bourbon - 750ml

Leadslingers 10 Year Bourbon - 750ml - Liquor Bar Delivery

Leadslingers 10 Year Bourbon - 750ml

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Cheers to this limited edition 10 Year bourbon produced by Leadslingers.

Building upon their deep dedication to bring unique products to the veteran and second amendment communities, the call to make a whiskey as bold as America was heard like an Eagle's scream. This is a story about seizing opportunity when life throws it at you, while never forgetting where you came from. This is a story about men who pursue excellence. It's about freedom. It's about raising a glass to tradition, but also raising the bar of performance. This is the story of America encapsulated in the story of seven men with a vision. 

Leadslingers' whiskey is produced by seven combat veterans, from the US Army Rangers, USAF TACP, special forces and paratrooper communities. Their love for America and fine whiskey, is what the company is all about. They wanted to craft a whiskey that was enjoyable and unrepentantly supported the second amendment. By remaining active in their civilian and military communities, Leadslingers' strives to set an example. Be proud of who you are. Be bold. No apologies. 


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