Lamborghini Luxe Red Collection with Gift Set


Discover The Perfect Gift and Order the Gold, Blue and Red Lamborghini Luxe Collection.

A wine that stands out for its ability to cater to the individual's taste, expectations, and desires.

Includes Gift Set Lamborghini gift box. 3 x 750mL Bottles:

1 Oro Red Umbria IGT (ABV: 13.5%)

1 Blu Merlot Umbria IGT (ABV: 14.5%)

1 Rosso REd Umbria IGT (ABV: 13%)

Lamborghini's unmistakable style and quality offers the ultimate wine that ignites a breathtaking experience that will last forever. 


The insurance does not cover transit damages for this product. Please be advised that the packing team will take the items out of the original box to provide extra support during transit.

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