Codigo 1530 Barrel Strength Limited Bottling Anejo - 750ml

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Some of you may remember over the summer when we offered the Código 1530 Tequila Rosa (Melissa’s Secret Stash). Stored briefly in white Oak Napa Valley wine barrels from one of the most prestigious wineries in the country (can’t say because of an NDA), the Rosa drank like a dream. That Tequila spent just one month in those barrels. Today’s Tequila, had a two year slumber.

One of the more rare bottles of Tequila (just 150 cases total), the Barrel Strength Anejo bottling comes in at a whopping 88 Proof, though it’s so smooth and seamlessly blended that you really never feel any of the heat. Produced using 2-3 times more agave than standard practice, this one is super smooth with notes of vanilla, dark chocolate, and toasted caramel. Just 24 bottles to go round.

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