Blanton's Red Edition Bourbon - 750ml

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Size: 750ml

Blanton's Red Edition Bourbon, an exquisite variant crafted for the Japanese market, offers a refined experience with its eight-year aging process. This rare bourbon stands out for its depth and complexity, making it a prized choice for connoisseurs and collectors seeking exceptional quality and flavor.

Additional Insights on Blanton's Red Edition Bourbon - 750ml

This particular expression, often referred to as "Blanton's Red," distinguishes itself with an extended aging process, approximately eight years, unlike its counterparts like Blanton's Single Barrel, Gold, and Straight From The Barrel, which typically matures for around six years. Embodying the essence of Blanton's renowned craftsmanship, this whiskey stands out for its nuanced flavors and impeccable quality.

Blanton's Red Edition Bourbon is celebrated not only for its extended aging but also for its meticulous crafting process. The whiskey undergoes careful maturation in charred oak barrels, allowing it to develop a complex character that appeals to whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.

Taste Profile of Blanton's Red Edition Bourbon - 750ml

A sensory journey begins with its translucent appearance, hinting at its meticulously filtered clarity. On the nose, notes of maraschino cherries, vanilla, plum, and orange peel intertwine with subtle hints of mild oak, creating an inviting aroma. The palate delights with a well-balanced fusion of leather, orange crush, black tea, and red hots, complemented by the presence of tannic oak that adds depth and complexity. The finish is remarkably long, leaving lingering impressions of gumballs, cherries, and a delicate hazelnut undertone that resonates with each sip.

This distinguished bourbon, ideal for both connoisseurs and newcomers alike, embodies the essence of Blanton's commitment to excellence in whiskey craftsmanship. Buy Blanton whiskey online today!


Blanton's Wax Seal Design is sensitive to heat. There is a possibility of wax damage during transit, which is not covered by Liquor Bar Delivery Shipping Protection. The box is not included.