10 Blanton's Miniature Bourbon 50ml Shot Bundle


10 mini bottles -  Blanton's Miniature Bourbon 50ml Shot

Handpicked directly from the center of the Blanton warehouse, Blanton's Original Single Barrel Bourbon, as the world's first commercially sold single barrel bourbon, certainly lives up to its label as a 'super premium' spirit. Originally reserved for dignitaries, VIPs and the Master Distiller himself, this bourbon only became available on the commercial market in 1984 after almost 50 years in existence. Kept in the center of the warehouse, allowing for maximum expansion and contraction of the barrel, resulting in the most intense flavor and characteristics, this bourbon is not only unique, but exceptionally refined.

Blanton's Wax Seal Design is sensitive to heat. There is a possibility of wax damage during transit, which is not covered by Liquor Bar Delivery Shipping Protection. The box is not included.

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