Apaluz Artesanal Joven Mezcal

Apaluz Joven is distilled by mezcalero Antonio Panuco (alias The Tiger) using mature estate-grown agave Durangensis (around 12 years old) in the state of Durango. It is cooked for 3 days in a volcanic stone oven using firewood of huizache, pine and oak. The oven is covered with sacks of ixtle, pine leaf, wet grass, and silt soil from a nearby stream. The cooked plants are hand-mashed with sharp axes before being transferred into oak wood vats to ferment with proprietary yeast and well-water. Later it is distilled in a copper pot still that is covered with a thick piece of pine. This mezcal has smoky notes, aromas of citrus fruits, honey and almonds. Apaluz Mezcal is family-owned and represents three generations of mezcal production.

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