ANKO Estancia Los Cardones Torrontes

Found only in Argentina, Torrontés is its most famous criolla variety and is the signature white wine varietal of the country. thriving in the high altitude of northwestern Argentine wine country. There are three sub-varieties of Torrontés - Mendocino, Sanjuanino, and Riojano. The first two variants produce wines that are lighter and fresher, but it's the Riojano that is the most cultivated because it expresses the best qualities to produce fine wines, in particular those from Cafayate Valley, Salta. It is typically light-yellow in colour, but can also have golden or green hues, and is characterized by floral aromas like rose, jasmine, and geranium. While the aromas may indicate sweetness, it is typically dry with fresh acidity.
Note: The vintage year for this product may differ from the one in the photo. The sold product is always of equal or higher value.

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