ALMA DE AGAVE Tequila Anejo


Alma De Agave Añejo is the perfect delight for the vintage tequila lover. It is matured in oak barrels for eighteen months, producing a bold honey taste, with a natural wood scented aroma. It is extra smooth and is best enjoyed neat at room temperature or used to produce luxurious Tequila cocktails.

Alma de Agave Tequila is produced with the finest Blue Weber Agave, cultivated from the shores of Lake Chapala, a region of Mexico known for the quality of its maguey plants, rich in minerals with a unique and distinct character.

By following our old family recipe of slow distillation and filtration, the results are beyond the smoothest tasting tequila. We have also taken it a step further of chilling our tequila to remove any oils and grease derived from distillation, allowing us to protect and hold its taste, color and flavor at any weather or environment.

Alma de Agave is bottled in hand-molded and blown glass by true artisans who hand-craft each individual bottle. It is topped with 100% Caoba wood and natural Corteza tree cork treated with parafina to protect the tequila's color and aromas.

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