Alley 6 Harvest Gin Barrel Aged

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Size: 750ML

Alley 6 Harvest Gin is first distilled in direct-fire, traditional copper alembic pot stills in order to keep the wonderful aromas of the wine wines. Then, it is distilled one final time in a column still to infuse the botanicals and create this unique and aromatic Gin. 

This seasonal, limited release aromatic grape-based gin is made once a year at harvest time. The aromatic white wines from local wineries is fermented and pressed at the distillery and distilled using traditional techniches. The base spirit is finished with a combination of unique botanicals vapor-infused in a botanicals basket using locally harvested Califnornia bay lauerel and wild fennel along with juniper berries and an array of delicous botanicals. The result is a floral and complex swpirit crafted to entice the most discerning palates.