Alheit Vineyards La Colline Semillon

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Size: 750ML

This is a single vineyard bottling from the old Semillon vineyard that Chris & Suzaan Alheit have been working with from the outset. Lying between 320m and 360m above sea level on a southern slope in the Franschhoek valley, the wine from this block is always good, but in a good vintage it’s sublime. It was planted by the grandfather of the current farmer on La Colline farm in the year 1936. This is one of those old vineyards that, in winter, looks like a bunch of drunken people cart-wheeling across the slope. It’s truly beautiful.

It also has a curious dark side: Dark skinned grapes, or Semillon Gris. This oddity still grows in some of the Cape’s older vineyards, though it’s virtually extinct everywhere else on the planet. This affords Chris and Suzaan a chance to make something unique to the Cape. About 10% of this vineyard is Semillon Gris (simply inter-planted with the white Semillon). Every year they separate out the Gris, and ferment it on skins for a few days before pressing. The results are strange, mostly in a good way. The wine is usually composed of 75% skin fermented Semillon Gris and 25% Semillon Blanc.

"Smells a touch reductively smoky (in a good way). Light spice, citrus and a touch of hay. Almost earthy/herbal but not quite. Oatmeal leesy depth to the texture, fine grained and structured. Rounded in the mouth, complex and quiet on the long finish"
Julia Harding MW, 17.5 Points


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