The Adam Gift Box Brandy 375ml

Adam Gift Box Brandy 375ml - Liquor Bar Delivery

The Adam Gift Box Brandy 375ml

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The "ADAM" is a one-of-a-kind artisan creation in the ultimate representation of the Male. The corked, refillable bottle is filled with Armenian brandy that has been aged for five years. There are a lot of puns we could use to spice up the description of the ADAM, but the image speaks for itself. It is great for wedding parties, gifts for those friends who are just.. Adams, and even perfect for celebrations of successful surgeries like a vasectomy! 

WARNING: The ADAM has been known to produce wicked grins in some clients. Others have had their spirits deflated by personal insecurities, when faced with - THE ADAM. Don't be shy and give the Adam a try!

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