ABERFELDY Highlands Single Malt Whisky 12yr-80 pf

  • WHY: Aberfeldy is the single malt backbone in the classic Dewar's Blended Scotch whiskies, providing the soft, fruit, and creamy foundation of the brand's world-renowned flavor. Available now as a pure single malt expression, that ripe, round, and stone fruit-laden profile is on full display in the outstanding 12 year expression.
  • HOW: Since 2014, Dewar's has been reinvesting in Aberfeldy and slowly improving the quality of the whisky as single malt sales have grown. Using a combination of Sherry casks and high quality hogshead barrels, the richness in the whisky has become more pronounced over the years with plenty of honey, cereal and sweet vanilla on the palate.
  • WHAT: Aberfeldy was founded in 1896 in the Scottish Highlands, but was never sold as a single malt brand until Bacardi bought Dewar's in the late 90s and launched Aberfeldy as its own label. Since then, the whisky has been one of the fastest growing brands in Scotland, winning savvy drinkers over with its soft, mouth-coating texture and supple sweetness.

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