Things You Should Know About Angel’s Envy

Things You Should Know About Angel’s Envy


The bourbon industry is old and is based on tradition. However, there’s a newer bourbon that’s breaking the rules, and it’s Angel’s Envy. This young brand is among the very first American Whiskeys to use double-maturation process—which is commonly used in Scotch production—and age it in both new charred American oak and former port casks. There are so many amazing things about Angel’s Envy that not so many people know about. That’s why in today’s blog, we will be covering the top things you should know about Angel’s Envy.

How Angel’s Envy Came to Be

What started out as a retirement project ended up being one of the largest bourbon brands available around the globe. It first started as a shared idea between father and son. Master distiller Lincoln Henderson had retired from distilling for several years when his son, Wes, pitched the idea of going into business together. Together, they both brought together the creation of Angel’s Envy.

American Made. Scotch Inspired.

In their journey to create the next best bourbon, Wes and Lincoln decided to explore secondary barrel finishing using port barrels. This technique was commonly used in Scotch and rarely in bourbon. Using this method, flavors can vary from barrel to barrel, so Angel’s Envy is blended in small batches to ensure a consistent standard of flavor.

Angel’s Envy Plants Trees

In celebration of National Bourbon heritage month, Angel’s Envy hosts its Toast the Trees initiative every September. The goal of the program is to raise awareness of the need for a healthy and sustainable white oak tree population. It’s a nice deal for Angel’s Envy fans. All they have to do is share the #ToastTheTrees hashtag and the company will plant a tree. The fans can also take oak quizzes and a tree planted for every correct answer they get!

 Angel’s Envy Planting Oak Trees

Tasting Notes

Angel’s Envy is known for more than its sleek bottle design. It offers an incomparable, clean taste with many delightful flavors to the palate.

  • Aroma - Maple syrup, toasted nuts, vanilla, & spices
  • Appearance - Gold with amber hues
  • Palate - Smoky undertones, chocolate, ripe fruit, creamy vanilla, spices, with sweet candied notes of tangerine.
  • Finish - Clean, lingering, smooth, silky finish with a hint of Madeira

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In just a little over a decade since its initial launch in 2011, the bourbon has expanded its distribution to all 50 states! It also went international and spread out to the U.K., Canada, Australia, and Singapore. Now it's a worldwide sensation and a favorite for many bourbon enthusiasts.  If you’re looking to get some Angel’s envy on your hands, you’ll be thrilled to know that Liquor Bar Delivery offers them at the best prices possible. To order your Angel's Envy, click here.