Neat Facts About Whistle Pig Whiskey

Neat Facts About Whistle Pig Whiskey

The people in Vermont sure know what they're doing. Between Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and maple syrup, there's no denying they've got it going on. Another classic product to have come out of Vermont is Whistle Pig whiskey. Our latest blog shares some neat facts about Whistle Pig whiskey and what makes it so unique.  

History of Whistle Pig

In 2007, Raj Peter Bhakta founded Whistle pig. With the help of David Pickerell, Whistle Pig began rolling out on the market a few years later (2010). Thanks to Pickerell's ingenuity and expertise, Whistle Pig was able to solidify its place on the market effectively. Since its beginnings, it continues to be a cult classic with an impressive and refined rye selection. 

Whistle Pig Distillery

The Whistle Pig distillery sits on a farm. Initially, Bhakta bought the farm, hoping to use the rye harvested on-site for production. In the end, Pickerell ended up opting for a Canadian rye whiskey. For the first four years, aging and bottling occurred on the farm, while the distillation happened at a different location. In 2014, they were finally able to build their own distillery, which went into operation in the following year. Since then, everything has been done on-site. Although, it is important to note that the rye continues to be sourced from Canada, hand picked by Pickerrel.

Whistle Pig Process

Whistle Pig is made from rye whiskey sourced from Alberta, distilled on the farm, and blended by master distillers. The distillation process uses a "Triple Terroir" approach where the rye is distilled on location, and the water and oak are sourced directly from the farm. The original 10-year whiskey undergoes a two-barrel aging process involving new oak barrels and used bourbon barrels. Under the Whistle Pig family, there are several other products. Each undergoes a specific method to create their unique tastes. 

Whistle Pig Whiskies 

Whistle Pig has come a long way from it's one-product production. It now has over 5 products under it's belt. The products include:

Well Aged Whiskeys

  • Small Batch Rye Aged 10 Years
  • Piggyback 100% Rye
  • Piggyback 100 Proof Bourbon
  • Farmstock Rye
  • Old World Rye Aged 12 Years
  • Estate Oak Rye Aged 15 Years
  • Double Malt Rye Aged 18 Years- 4th Addition

Single Barrels

  • Piggyback Legends Series: Brothers Osborne Barrel
  • Piggyback Single Barrel Bourbon Bussin' with the Boys
  • Piggy Back Single Barrel Rye: KRC Radio


Each bottle is a product of high-quality ingredients and a perfected distillation process. Overall the products offer a premium taste that are rich, bold, and worth trying.

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