Unveiling Michter's Bourbon: An Iconic American Spirit Delivered Straight to Your Door by Liquor Bar Delivery

Unveiling Michter's Bourbon An Iconic American Spirit Delivered Straight to Your Door by Liquor Bar Delivery


In the expanding universe of American whiskey, one name stands out for its commitment to tradition, quality, and exceptional taste: Michter's. As a proud purveyor of Michter's BourbonLiquor Bar Delivery invites you on a journey to discover this iconic American spirit. Whether you're a seasoned whiskey connoisseur or a curious newcomer, understanding Michter's Bourbon can enhance your appreciation for this distinctive whiskey.

A Rich Heritage

Michter's traces its roots back to 1753 and the founding of Shenk's Whiskey, later known as Bomberger's Whiskey, in Pennsylvania. Through various ownership changes and challenges, including Prohibition and bankruptcy, the essence of Michter's has endured. Today, under the stewardship of President Joseph J. Magliocco, Michter's produces some of the finest American whiskeys available.

Quality First Approach

Michter's places an uncompromising focus on quality. The distillery uses the cost-intensive method of heat cycling, which promotes aging during the winter months, extracting deeper and richer flavors from the wood barrels. Furthermore, Michter's matures its bourbon to its peak maturity rather than to a specific age, ensuring optimal flavor for every bottle.

Michter's US1 Bourbon

Among Michter's offerings, the US1 Bourbon holds a special place. Distilled from a carefully selected mashbill that emphasizes corn and malted barley and aged in new charred American white oak barrels, Michter's US1 Bourbon epitomizes the brand's dedication to quality.

Tasting Profile

On the nose, Michter's US*1 Bourbon presents caramel and balanced sweet notes intertwined with fruit essences and hints of vanilla and oak. The palate greets you with dried fruit and toasted nuts, subtly layered with butterscotch and dark chocolate. The finish is satisfyingly long and richly textured, leaving a warm and slightly spicy impression.

Michter's Small Batch Bourbon

Michter's Small Batch Bourbon is another crowd-pleaser. This whiskey is produced in small quantities to ensure careful monitoring of each step, from fermentation to distillation and aging. The result is a distinctive bourbon that showcases the masterful craft behind Michter's.

Tasting Profile

Michter's Small Batch Bourbon offers a nose filled with rich caramel, dried fruits, and a touch of wood smoke. The palate is delectably sweet, with notes of honey and vanilla, coupled with a backdrop of charred oak and warming spices. The finish is smooth and lingers pleasingly, making it a bourbon to be savored.

Bringing Michter's to Your Doorstep

With Liquor Bar Delivery, exploring the world of Michter's Bourbon has never been easier. We take pride in bringing premium spirits like Michter's straight to your doorstep, ensuring that you can enjoy the finest liquors without stepping out of your home. Whether you're hosting a gathering, looking for the perfect gift, or simply wanting to indulge in a high-quality bourbon, Liquor Bar Delivery is here to meet your needs.

As you delve deeper into the fascinating world of Michter's Bourbon, remember that each sip is not just about experiencing a well-crafted spirit; it's about partaking in a slice of American whiskey history. So, why wait? Place your order with Liquor Bar Delivery today and embark on a journey of taste with Michter's Bourbon. Here's to great bourbon. Cheers!