Discovering Empress 1908 Gin: 7 Fun Facts that Make Every Sip a Story

Discovering Empress 1908 Gin 7 Fun Facts that Make Every Sip a Story

Gin has been having a resurgence, and one of the most distinctive labels leading the renaissance is Empress 1908. Produced by Victoria Distillers in collaboration with British Columbia's legendary Fairmont Empress Hotel, Empress 1908 is an all-natural gin that offers a modern twist on traditional gin distillation. With Liquor Bar Delivery, we not only bring this exceptional gin to your doorstep but also share its fascinating story. Here are seven fun facts about Empress 1908 Gin that will make you appreciate each sip a bit more.

1. The Distinctive Color

Empress 1908 Gin is world-renowned for its distinctive indigo color. This vivid hue is not achieved by artificial means but through the infusion of the butterfly pea blossom, a flower known for its bright blue petals. This gives the gin a natural and brilliant color, making it a standout addition to your liquor cabinet.

2. The Color-Changing Trick

Beyond its initial visual appeal, Empress 1908 Gin holds another fun secret: it changes color. When mixed with tonic water or citrus, the gin's deep indigo color transforms into a light pink or lavender shade. This color-changing effect, resulting from the natural pH reaction of the butterfly pea blossom, makes for a captivating cocktail experience.

3. A Tribute to a Queen

Empress 1908 Gin is named in honor of Queen Victoria, Britain's longest-reigning monarch until Queen Elizabeth II. The Empress Hotel, which inspired and collaborated in the gin's creation, was itself named after Queen Victoria, further intertwining the gin with this regal legacy.

4. Eight Botanicals, Four Locally Sourced

Each bottle of Empress 1908 Gin is crafted with eight signature botanicals: juniper, rose, coriander seed, grapefruit peel, ginger root, cinnamon bark, and the Fairmont Empress tea blend. Four of these botanicals, including the butterfly pea blossom and the Empress blend tea, are sourced from regions around the distillery, emphasizing the gin's commitment to local ingredients.

5. Inspired by the Fairmont Empress Hotel

The Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, is not just part of the gin's name; it's an integral part of its identity. The hotel's own Empress blend tea is one of the key botanicals, infusing the gin with rich, historical flavors that reflect the hotel's heritage.

6. An Award-Winning Gin

Since its launch, Empress 1908 Gin has gained recognition worldwide, winning numerous awards for its unique taste, quality, and design. Its accolades include a double gold medal at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

7. All-Natural and Non-GMO

Empress 1908 Gin is committed to natural, non-GMO production. Every bottle is crafted with organic ingredients, non-GMO corn spirit, and pure Canadian water, ensuring that each sip is as clean as it is delicious.

At Liquor Bar Delivery, we relish bringing stories like these to light, enhancing your enjoyment of the spirits we deliver. Empress 1908 Gin, with its unique story and exceptional qualities, epitomizes the exciting and innovative world of modern gin. Whether you're planning a cocktail party, seeking the perfect gift, or simply eager to try a new spirit, let Liquor Bar Delivery bring the magic of Empress 1908 Gin to your doorstep. Here's to enjoying spirits that tell a tale - one sip at a time!