Closer Look at Eagle Rare Bourbon

Closer Look at Eagle Rare Bourbon

Who doesn't savor a fine bourbon? This quintessential American drink's velvety, tangy notes evoke a sense of comfort akin to a warm apple pie. While exploring the world of whiskeys, scotches, and bourbons, we occasionally stumble upon a gem that demands our full attention. Eagle Rare Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is such a gem, offering a blend of richness, boldness, and extraordinary flavors that sets it apart.

Historical Background

Eagle Rare debuted in 1975 as part of the esteemed Four Roses bourbon family. Master distiller Charles L. Beam, hailing from the renowned Jim Beam family, meticulously crafted Eagle Rare during his twenty-two-year tenure with Seagram, garnering swift recognition for its exceptional quality. Charles Beam's significant contributions to the bourbon industry earned him a well-deserved induction into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2010.

Following a fourteen-year stint under Seagram's ownership, Eagle Rare found a new home with the Sazerac Company in 1989. This transition marked a pivotal shift from a multiple-barrel whiskey to a single-barrel expression, enhancing the bourbon's distinct character.

Flavor Profile

Originally crafted as a high-proof bourbon at 101 proof, Eagle Rare has evolved gracefully. The transition to a single-barrel approach and a reduction in proof to 90 have contributed significantly to its smoothness and approachability. Available in 10-year and 17-year batches, Eagle Rare offers a diverse range of flavors to captivate bourbon enthusiasts.

Every sip of Eagle Rare unveils a symphony of flavors, including hints of toffee, orange, and honey, weaving together a luxurious and inviting tapestry for the palate. The dominant cocoa and oak notes harmonize seamlessly, reminiscent of indulgent candied almonds. The finish leaves a gentle tingle on the tongue, followed by a refreshing and light aftertaste, leaving one yearning for another pour.

Eagle Rare upholds Charles Beam's legacy as a distinguished Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Its intricate flavor profile, coupled with its accessible price point, has cemented its status as a favorite among both connoisseurs and casual drinkers. Whether savored neat or incorporated into a crafted cocktail, Eagle Rare promises to elevate any drinking experience, solidifying its reputation as an exemplary bourbon. Here's to Eagle Rare—a spirit that soars above the ordinary. Cheers!

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